Brittany Alyse Heath Studios


BAH Studios was founded on the idea that there is more than one way to tell a brand’s story. Effectively activating brands into a market is our passion. We put this passion into action by investigating a brand’s foundation and challenging the status quo of design, while also being consumer obsessed. We understand that although brands have a core and are the platforms for design and interaction, consumers are the ones who drive the story and give constant hints towards the perfect strategy.

We specialize in optimizing brands through dynamic logo designs, unique branding guidelines, as well as establishing critical marketing communication strategies through digital marketing, creative directing, and even competitive pricing strategies. Building the right story, for the right consumer, in the right channel begins with our obsession with people and what drives their habits and engagement. As digital interaction increases so does the need for unique personalization and dynamic collateral that helps connect brand to consumer and consumer to brand. Therefore, it’s important for our brand to reside in the intersection between strategic design and content that consumers are willing to investigate.


Let’s disrupt the space of design while challenging the confines of where a brand can go! Give us a call today!